In the wake of Bill Maher’s nonchalant use of the N-word on live television, Ice Cube is set to appear on the show of the now controversial comedian/host.


While Cube’s appearance was booked before the on-air fiasco occurred (Cube is currently promoting the re-issue of his album Death Certificate), many expected him to cancel in protest of the use of slur.


Instead, Cube still wants to go on to not only talk about his album, but to also ask Maher some questions about what he was thinking when he decided to tell that particular “joke”.


Ice Cube Is Dropping New Music With The ‘Death Certificate’ Reissue

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Ice Cube says:


“He knows that’s a bad word to a lot of people Now, the question is: Why did he think he could be that comfortable with saying that? What makes you think you can say that? Why did you think you could get away with that?”


We can’t wait to tune in and see how this interaction plays out !


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