News that revealed “Underground” would be canceled after two seasons left fans of the show upset and it’s creator, John Legend, had no answers other than to plea for Oprah Winfrey’s help. However, it would turn out that Oprah couldn’t save the show, which runs on her own network, OWN.

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Winfrey addressed press saying,

“I can’t afford “Underground”… It cost twice as much to make as “Queen Sugar.” As a matter of fact, my dear friend John Legend called me personally and asked me about it, but we’d already been talking about how we could make it work, but it’s, like, $5 million an episode, so we can’t afford it. It’s not cheap, I think because it’s a period piece… We really tried to make it work… I wanted to make it work because I think it’s a good show. I wanted to be able to save that show, but it did not make good business sense for me.”

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She also commented saying that Twitter trending doesn’t necessarily correlate with ratings. The cancellation will not be able to be prevented despite all efforts from Oprah and John Legend.

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