As you know by now, Donald Trump is all knowing and without fault*. Earlier this week, Trump initiated the beginnings of his administrations promise to “fix” our country’s infrastructure. Trumps plan involves proposed managers to come in and replace the outdated aspects of our roadways. His plan also include privatizing the U.S Air Traffic Control System.

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At a function attended by the media and employees of the Department of Transportation, Trump said the following of his new plans,

“We live in a modern age, but our air traffic control system is stuck, painfully, in the past. At a time when every passenger has GPS technology in their pockets, our air traffic control system still runs on radar and ground-based radio systems that they don’t even make anymore. Many controllers must use slips of paper to track our thousands and thousands of flights.”

Trumps announcement of his roadways and airway plans is supposed to kick of his “Infrastructure Week”, which he and his administration unveil the details of their massive $1 trillion plan. Per usual Trump has taken to Twitter and Nick Timiraos of the Wall Street Journal was quick that hid tweets for “Infrastructure Week” have nothing to do with infrastructure.


Let’s stay tuned to see what else Trump rolls out, the week isn’t over yet.

* Alternative Fact

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