Fans of SZA have been bombarding TDE label heads for months and months about the release date of her debut album. There were so many hesitancies and changes throughout the “rollout,” both from the label and SZA herself, that fans felt betrayed with every day that passed without new music. Once actual promotional material started appearing and everything began to seem real, fans rejoiced that 5 years after her first EP See.SZA.Run, her debut album was finally, actually coming out.

Late last night, CTRL, finally graced streaming sites and as always, fans hit the internet to live tweet every emotion running through their head as they got their first listen. As the songstress explained on her Ebro In The Morning interview, the album revolved around past relationship mishaps. She pours her heart out singing not only about getting played by the dudes she’s been with but how she learned how to be a player right back. As everyone listened to the music, tweets were flowing in–and the consensus became that SZA makes being trifling sound good. Here are some of the best Twitter moments we got out of people live tweeting their emotion-filled first reactions to SZA’s debut album, CTRL:

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