Caleb Brown is a 18-year-old rapper from Baton Rouge, La. Baton Rouge and Louisiana has bred some incredible artist like Lil Boosie, Lil Wayne, Frank Ocean, Master P, Cash Money and more. The Rostrum Records signee just released his debut album, All Dawgs Go To Heaven 2. In this interview he spoke with us about what inspired him to start rapping, social injustice, police brutality and more.

Blame Ebro: I understand you started rapping in 2014.

Caleb Brown: Well it was before then but that I started taking it seriously around then.

Blame Ebro: Who and what was inspiring you to create music at that time?

Caleb Brown: Simply because I always loved music. I didn’t make the basketball team and I always wanted to play basketball. I was like ok well since I didn’t do that, I’m gonna do something that I know I love doing. So before that I was going through some things my freshman year. You know that transition going into high school. I was in a new town, I was staying in Atlanta at the time. I was trying to make sense of things and music was that therapy for me.

Blame Ebro: Growing up in the Sherwood area of Baton Rouge, LA. I understand there was a lot of violence in the community. Aside from that what are some of the good memories growing up in Baton Rouge?

Caleb Brown: Aw man. Sports, the snowballs, they always had the candy lady in the neighborhood that would always look out for us. We had more more laughs than cries you know what I’m saying. Just the kid activities growing up there man. It was just fun all around.

Blame Ebro: On “All Dogs Go To Heaven 2“, there’s a track called “4 My Dawgs and on the hook you say
“This for my dogs in the pound with no freedom
Take away they soul, we gon riot til you free them
Martin Luther told us violence not the reason
Malcolm told us to fire back when they committing treason”

What inspired you to write that hook?

Caleb Brown: Basically one of the homies went to jail and at the same time both of my sisters were incarcerated. So I was just sitting here thinking like dang, I gotta talk about this somehow cuz this is really weighing down on me you know what I’m saying. You got us locked down, half the time we ain’t do nothing too serious. Other times it’s just a wrong place wrong time situation. So basically thats what that whole “This for my dogs in the pound with no freedom, Take away they soul” you know they’re taking away their life. In prison they treat you less than human in there. So when they treat you like that, you taking their soul away. they aint got no fight left. So we just gon be on the outside rioting, screaming ‘free my homies’ til they come out. We not gon stop. Free all the homies, my family, whatever the case may be.“This for my dogs in the pound with no freedom/Take away they soul, we gon riot til you free them/Martin Luther told us violence not the reason” I’m pretty sure that line speaks for itself you know what I’m saying. He was on some peaceful protest or whatever but you know Malcolm told us “by any means”. Fire back when they committing treason. My momma always told us we was kings. They gon have to respect us. When you go against a king you committing treason. So that’s what they doing. When they taking our folks and shooting us in the streets, that’s what it is.

Blame Ebro: So what do you consider yourself, a Martin or a Malcolm?

Caleb Brown: Aw man… I’m probably caught in between…I cant even answer that. I’m sorry.

Blame Ebro: I guess people can relate with that. Some days you feel like Martin. Some days you feel like Malcolm. Especially with what’s still going on, sometimes you wanna protest like Martin but when you’re watching Alton Sterling being murdered on camera… You feel like Malcolm at that moment.

Caleb Brown: Facts

Blame Ebro: Have you personally dealt with any police brutality or injustice in Baton Rouge?

Caleb Brown: I ain’t gonna say all the time but yeah we came across injustice. Just growing up as kids they’re gonna pick on you for no reason but we really ain’t doing too much we just out here surviving. The police are gonna press you for no reason. Especially where I just graduated out of Central, they’re known for having racist tendencies out there. There were conflicts all the time. We had some trouble with police officers and administration.

Blame Ebro: So back to the music. One of my favorite songs on your mixtape is “36 Chambers”. Who produced it and how did you link up?

Caleb Brown: Oh my god Don Kevo produced that one. Basically I got a beat from him way way back when from a phone call. I always remembered him and kept him in mind when I was making this project like ‘I know Kevo got them slappers’. We have something that didn’t even make the project but it’s still hard.

Blame Ebro: Whats going to be your next music video?

Caleb Brown: We still deciding that right now. We got some ideas in mind but we’re still deciding that.

Check out Caleb’s videos and tour dates below.

June 28 — Ottawa, ON — The Bourbon Room
June 29 — Easton, Pa, — One Centre Square
July 1 — Cambridge, Mass. — Sonia’s
July 2 — Baltimore, Md. — Baltimore Soundstage
July 3 — Rochester, N.Y. — California Brew Haus
July 6 — Louisville, Ky. — Trixie’s Entertainment Complex
July 7 — Lansing, Mich. — The Loft
July 8 — Chicago, Ill. — Star Bar
July 9 — Minneapolis, Minn. — The Pourhouse
July 10 — Madison, Wisc. — The Frequency
July 11 — Sauget, Ill. — Pop’s Concert Venue
July 12 —Indianapolis, Ind. — Emerson Theater
July 147 — Denver, Colo. — Roxy Theater
July 15 — Colorado Springs, Colo. — The Black Sheep
July 16 — Fort Collins, Colo. — Hodi’s Half Note
July 17 — Grand Junction, Colo. — Mesa Theater
July 19 — Kalispell, Mont. — Eagles
July 20 — Bozeman, Mont. — Eagles
July 21 — Spokane, Wash. — Emperor Room
July 22 — Salem, Ore. — Shotski’s
July 25 — Seattle, Wash. — Nectar Lounge
July 26 — Eugene, Ore. — Whirled Pies
July 28 — Reno, Nev. — Jub Jub’s Thirst Parlor
July 31 — Tucson, Ariz. — Monarch
Aug. 2 — Gallup, N.M. — Juggernaut Music
Aug. 4 — Tulsa, Okla. — Shrine
Aug. 5 — Oklahoma City, Okla. — OKC Farmers Market
Aug. 8 — Dallas, Texas — The Green Elephant

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