Ever since Kevin Durant decided to leave Oklahoma City Thunder to join the 2015 NBA Champion Golden State Warriors, he has received a lot of negative attention from the media as well as from fans all over the world. Durant shocked the world last summer when he decided to join the Warriors, especially being that the Warriors were the team that put Oklahoma City Thunder out of the playoffs. The Warriors had already established themselves as a powerful team and many believed they did not need Kevin Durant. Since then Kevin Durant has become one of the most hated players in the NBA and especially in Oklahoma City.

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Kevin Durant felt as though Golden State was the place for him and we believe we know the reason why. In Oklahoma City, Durant teamed up with superstar Russel Westbrook and many thought the pair would be inseparable for their whole careers, but the pair did not always see eye to eye. Durant and Westbrook got into a lot of disagreements behind the scenes, which translated onto the court. At times Westbrook struggled to differ to Durant, who was the better scorer which caused them to lose a lot of games. People in Durant’s corner believe that he wasn’t truly happy when playing in Oklahoma and they believe he will be happier in Golden State. Kevin Durant’s mother Wanda Pratt stated in an interview that Kevin is playing free and he’s very happy as well. His mother explained that Durant was looking for a team where he could be happier and not where could get a ring. A lot of media and fans did not buy Wanda Pratt’s comments and they believe that Durant is just chasing a ring.

Durant went to Golden State for many reasons. He was looking for happiness, a championship, new playing style and to be a part of what could possibly be one of the best teams ever in the NBA. Why can’t Kevin chase what he wants?  If Kevin was a regular person who left one job to go to another, people wouldn’t have anything to say. People leave their jobs for better opportunities all the time and nothing happens to them, this is why everyone needs to allow Kevin to live his life! Kevin Durant was not owned by the Oklahoma City Thunder and he should allow to go to whatever team he wants to.

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