After 14 seasons of “The Apprentice,” most of knew what kind of boss Donald Trump was. If you didn’t? Well, James Comey’s testimony of his dealings with Trump would show you exactly what type of boss he was. In the time that Trump has been president, you can see his creed has been “get with me or get out!” And Comey’s message in his opening testimony seems to support just that.

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By Trump coming to Comey and demanding loyalty, having constant private meetings with him, it screams suspicious! He wanted to ease the problems of investigations, whether it be with James Flynn or the link between Russia, he clearly wanted Comey on his side for that. While Comey couldn’t directly implicate Trump of doing so I think the suggestive terms speak enough. Trump has been dealing with suggestive jargon and talk in his business operations and legal troubles for almost his entire career. Things like this are second nature to him. When Trump saw Comey was going to give him the real “honest loyalty,” Comey clarified and not the type of bias loyalty he was suggesting so Trump had to fire him. Comey may have seen this coming, he took notes on every meeting. When asked why he did so he said:

Because of the nature of the person, I was honestly concerned he might lie about the nature of our meeting.

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What makes this worse is seeing some of the Republican senators trying to protect whatever agenda Trump is going for in their questions during his testimony. Asking Comey questions which basically amounted to things like “Well, Director Comey, if President Trump was so bad, why didn’t you just quit?” or “If you really thought Trump was putting pressure on you to shut down the Russia investigation, why didn’t you tell Attorney General Jeff Sessions?” All which sidestep the problem in the first place, putting blame on the President of the United States. This presidency continues to make you stay tuned to this bad show, I wonder how this will end.

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