Jeronimo Yanez, the 29-year-old officer who shot and killed Philando Castle almost a year ago recently plead in his defense that he shot Castle because he feared for his life. This is the age-old defense since the Trayvon Martin incident that seems to work more often than not. Yanez faces two counts of reckless discharge and one of second-degree manslaughter.

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Yanez who is going through trial said things like “I did not want to shoot Mr. Castile at all,” he replied. “Those were not my intentions.” as he cried in court. Yanez claimed that while Castile informed him he had a firearm on him, he thought that when he put his hand in his pocket he was going to take out an “object” which Yanez assumed was his gun. (It was probably his license because what sane man pulls out a gun next to his girlfriend on a cop?)

Yanez will face deliberation on these charges today and as the week goes on a result should be expected soon. We hope justice is served.

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Source: The Root

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