During a routine traffic stop in Brooklyn, New York a police officer discovered marijuana, a semi-automatic rifle, ballistic vest and ammunition inside of Sebastian Telfair’s car; resulting in an arrest on the former NBA star behalf. The situation went down around Sunday morning, Telfair, 32 years old and his passenger are now subjected over multiple chargers over the suspicion of their plans with these illegal items. However, this isn’t Telfair’s first time being arrested over the similar bust, in 2007 he had possession of a hand-gun (which is illegal in New York) and served three years of probation.

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Below is a report from a source at NYDN:

“Cops arrested Telfair, 32, and a second man, Jami Thomas, 18, after noticing their 2017 Ford F-150 parked on a median on Atlantic Ave. near Classon St. in Prospect Heights, at about 2:50 a.m.” Officials claimed in a statement.

“The pickup tried to drive off without headlights, but cops pulled it over, then smelled pot and saw a lit blunt on the dashboard. Police found three handguns, a semi-automatic rifle, the vest and ammo, along with two bags of marijuana” NYPD Sgt. Brenden Ryan said.

Telfair was drated straight out high school in 2004 by the Portland Trail Blazers. He played for several teams through out his time witht the NBA, including siging to China’s Xinijang Flying Tigers after his relaese with OKC Thunder.
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Source: ESPN & Love B. Scott


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