Amber Rose posted a picture of herself on Instagram this past Friday (June 9) and essentially broke the internet. The picture was not a regular old selfie, it was a photograph in which Rose posed with no bottom garments at all.

As one would imagine, the internet responded with all sorts of judgement that inevitably resulted in a firestorm of jokes and memes. The timing of the post, which was during the NBA Finals Game 4, worked well for Rose as the high activity on twitter was in the favor of her shocking pic.

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The photo was apparently posted to promote Amber Rose’s upcoming SlutWalk event. The reactions have been very intense as everyone attempts to recreate her photo, and it seems the post got taken down by Instagram, but Rose says she doesn’t care because “everyone picked it up already”.

Today, June 12, Rose and Piers Morgan have begun an exchange on twitter that has contained a debate over women’s expressions of sexuality. Amber Rose has remained “confident” with her post.


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