Harlem, New York, will be the home for the new museum that will memorialize all things great from Hip-Hop. The Hip-Hop Hall of Fame was originally scheduled to open this year, but now the museum has been moved to open in early 2018, and it found it’s home in the place that breathed life into the genre.

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The Museum and Educational Institution stated that the new museum will “preserve, archive, exhibit, educate, and showcase hip-hop music & culture from around the world.”

The museum is reportedly planned to be 20-stories tall and will include a hotel, concert lounge, sports bar, and much more. The HHOF Museum will showcase everything Hip Hop and also embrace the DJ’s, graffiti artists, and other affiliated aspects of the Hip Hop culture around the world.

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With a lot in the works, the museum currently plans to open it’s doors February 2018.

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