Bill Maher recently made headlines due to him using the N-word during a joke he made. When Ice Cube saw this he told Rolling Stone in an interview that he planned on going on his show to have a discussion and ask him why he said that or why he would possibly feel comfortable saying that. Ice Cube has recently made that appearance and said some very intelligent things on his stance about the word. He notes that:

Cube used this as a “teachable moment,” explaining why the word is so hurtful. “I accept your apology,” he said. “But I still think we need to get to the root of the psyche because I think there’s a lot of guys out there who cross the line because they’re a little too familiar or they think they’re too familiar, or it’s guys that might have a black girlfriend or two that made them some Kool-Aid every now and then. They think they can cross the line and they can’t.

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“It’s a word that’s been used against us. It’s like a knife,” he continued. “You can use it as a weapon or you can use it as a tool. It’s been used as a weapon against us by white people. We’re not gonna let that happen again by nobody. It’s not cool. Now, I know you heard. It’s in the lexicon. Everybody talkin’, but that’s our word now and you can’t have it back.”

Maher recently apologized on the show before Cube appeared saying that:

“I regret the word I used in the banter of a live moment,” he said. “The word was offensive and I regret saying it and I’m very sorry.”

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