Karl Racine and Brian Frosh have announced today they have a lawsuit currently underway that claims President Trump violates the emoluments clauses in the constitution. This means President Trump has allegedly received payments from foreign governments that can be used to sway the judgment of the President.

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In particular, the lawsuit targets Trump’s hotels, which draw business away from local Washington and Maryland companies, and targets how his affiliation encourages special treatment for Trump branded establishments.

Karl Racine said in his statement “Every time the president has spoken about drawing a line between his presidency and his businesses, he’s walked those promises back.”

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While Trump’s ban on Muslim countries continues to lose its battles in courts, it appears this new lawsuit also stands a strong possibility of serving Trump another significant loss. This suit seeks an order that would ban Trump from receiving government payments beyond his salary.

Brian Frosh explained the President’s current situation as “If the Justice Department is correct, the emoluments clause has no meaning whatsoever… The president can stand over here with his president of the United States hat and he’s not allowed to take payments. But he takes a step over here and puts on his businessman hat, they can funnel as much money to him as they want.”

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Just like most situations that involve accusing Trump of being a corrupt egomaniac, the White House denies the claims and plays dumb. This situation is a grave danger to American citizens, because the President of the United States can be encouraged by a foreign government through large payments made out to his Washington D.C hotel, which he still owns, and then the President can decide to favor a position of said foreign government and potentially risk the lives of Americans who serve in the army or even jeopardize the security of those at home.

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