Fashion brand Opening Ceremony had a showcase for their Fall 2017 collection, and the showcase was scored by none other than the legendary RZA.

The theme of the showcase was “a Modern Western” where the brand would play with the idea of what  “silver-screen outlaws would look like today, as real women who bring adventure wherever they go, from desert canyon to city street.” according to Complex.

The showcase showed off different varieties of martial arts, and Opening Ceremony tapped RZA to bring it all to life with the musical score. RZA took the task of playing the piano, narrating, and orchestrating. RZA also worked very closely with the fight choreographer, Zoe Bell,

“He scored everything,” Lim said about RZA, who also performed after the show. “[RZA and Bell] worked very closely together on the fight sequences, what the movements were, so he knew what kind of music to make for it.”

This was RZA’s first go at scoring for a fashion show, and it looks like it all came together.

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Source: Complex

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