The cops who witnessed and lied about the shooting and inevitable death of 17-year-old Laquan McDonald will be back on Chicago PD payroll.

In addition to being given their jobs back, the Chicago Tribune reported that Chicago Police Board also delayed their disciplinary hearings. After the incident, the four cops wrote reports that contradicted video footage of the shooting, which wasn’t released until 400 days after the incident. Officers Daphne Sebastian, Janet Mondragon and Ricardo Viramontes and Sgt. Stephen Franko were suspended without pay and have been since last year.

But the officer who actually shot McDonald, Jason Van Dyke was on the scene of the “crime” for less than a minute before firing more than 15 shots into the teen’s body. Although the city paid off McDonald’s family and tried to hide the evidence, a reporter sued to have the tape released, which revealed all the lies reported.

The four cops will be working desk duty until Van Dyke’s trial is over. Tom Johnson, Chicago Police Board Hearing Officer explained that the cops were reinstated to duty while waiting for their hearings because “firing them or forcing them to testify could prejudice and potentially jeopardize the criminal prosecutions and the officers’ constitutional rights.” The board also felt that suspending them without pay waS also a violation of their rights.

The constitutional rights of Laquan McDonald were clearly never considered.

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