If you thought Beyonce can take a day off, you apparently don’t know Beyhive.

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The Beyhive have done the math and it all adds up to the Queen potentially being in labor. The Shade Room has reported–and collected receipts– that all point to the birth of the Carter Twins. A fleet of Escalades were seen leavening the couples L.A. home and several reports are saying that Beyonce has been admitted to an L.A. based hospital, where she checked in under an alias.

Her hairstylist, Chuck Amos, posted a photo of the two saying, “Hang in there Ma,” which of course set the internet a blaze.

Her Grammy nominated sister, Solange, has no shows this week, possibly clearing her schedule for the birth of her nieces, nephews or one of each. Naturally the memes have begun pouring in as the hive awaits the birth of the twins. While we wait for Bey to restore all that is good in the world with the birth of her offspring, check out some funny memes below.

How excited are you about the birth of Beyonce’s twins?

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