Chance The Rapper has been doing big things for his community of Chicago and it seems the rapper is nowhere near done.

In the past he has donated $1 million to Chicago Public Schools, offered audio mastering classes to Chicago kids, fought with the governor of Illinois about how he seems not to care about public schools, and more. He is back this time to announce that he and Liz Dozier of Chicago Beyond have come together to create the Go Innovate Challenge.

The point of the challenge is to fund ideas that will make Chicago a better place for the youth. The pair are putting $2 million toward the most creative ideas. When Chance announced the news to fans he said:

“Submit the ideas! We’d love to fund them as long as they positively impact the city of Chicago.”

The ideas don’t necessarily have to come from you alone; if you have a profit organization doing big things in Chicago they would love to help you out as well. The deadline for submissions is July 7th and you can find out more details about the challenge here.

If that news wasn’t exciting enough for you, Chance released a brand new Future collab at a recent concert. He began by playing the song in the background before eventually rapping his verse off the track for the crowd.

The track is allegedly called “My Peak” and Chance originally previewed the track in February. There is no set release date as of now for the track, but it must be soon since he is performing it for the fans now.

Check out a video from the concert below and let us know what you think about it:


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