Charleena Lyles was a 30-year-old mother of 4 kids and was also pregnant with another child. On Sunday morning she called the Seattle Police for help to report an attempted burglary. She received no help. Instead, she was killed by the two police officers who showed up to help her. In front of her children. It’s almost like these stories get unbelievable with how much these police officers don’t care about what they do.

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Let’s start with why they needed two police officers for this. In a statement, Police Detective Mark Lyles wrote,

“Although this was a typical burglary report, two officers were required due to information pertaining to this address that presented an increased risk to officers.”

Which is unusual as Charleena’s own family members described her as  “tiny” and said, “weighs like, “nothing, soaking wet.” However, the police officers claimed that when they arrived she threatened them with a knife. Which of course means that the two grown able and trained police officers were so afraid of losing their lives they had no choice, but to shoot her down in front of her children in front of her apartment. It’s frightening what happened. The local news in Seattle has only reported on the negative about her and her police record. Any guess where those police officers are on now?

Yup, you’re right. On paid leave.

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Source: The Root

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