19-year-old Brian Brown had recently graduated high school and was preparing to be on his way to California on a football scholarship before he was shot during a Craigslist transaction on Wednesday, June 14.

Two weeks ago Brown graduated from North Miami Beach Senior High School and was getting ready to move out, but that tragically changed.

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When Brown went to sell a Playstation and some games via a Craigslist ad, he was attacked and shot in the back three times. His girlfriend helped get him to the Jackson North Medical Center, which he was then transferred from to Aventura Hospital and Medical Center where he died.

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His father, Craig Brown, described his son as “Happy, always smiling, a friend to everyone. Everyone who knew him—I can say at least 200 to 300 people have come here to hug me and told me what a great kid he was, and how much love he just had for everyone… He was getting ready for it, staying in shape, and everyone, his teammates, friends, everyone was talking about it. He was ready to go…”

The police of Miami are still investigating.

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