Transgender woman La’Ray Reed is suing her former place of employment, McDonald’s.

La’Ray Reed is suing not only company but also the franchise holder of that particular Mcdonald’s for what she believes was “extreme sexual harassment” and job discrimination.

The Grio reports that Reed is claiming that from her time working there she has been referred to as a “boy-slash-girl” and was told to use an unused bathroom that was being used as a storage space because she was transgender. Reed also claims that her genitals had been groped.

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Reed also goes on to say that her hours were being cut, and when she beginning to confront the manager about the abuse she was swiftly fired. Currently, the woman is seeking damages in wages loss, loss of self-esteem and emotional pain. Reed is not alone in this with advocate groups on her side like Pride at Work:

“McDonald’s can’t pinkwash its record of harassment and discrimination against LGBTQ workers with a fry box and a parade float,” Pride at Work executive director Jerame Davis said in a press statement. “It will take a real commitment to equality and better treatment for its workers to address the horrific allegations in these complaints.”

Her attorney Anthony D. Paris also made a statement explaining how this suit is to “show that trans lives matter”:

“She wants to stand up for herself and the other employees of a billion dollar industry, to show that it’s not okay to sexually harass and discriminate against the employees who work for you,” penned Paris, who is representing Reed. “She wants them to know it’s not okay to treat their employees that way, and they can’t get away with it.”

If Reed can achieve this victory in this battle with McDonald’s it’ll be another big step for the LGBTQ community.

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Source: The Grio

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