After the man who killed Philando Castile was set free, on Friday, June 16, Castile’s Mother let loose her true feelings about the incident.

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Valerie Castile had bottled up her feelings long enough as she awaited justice, that never came, and now she has had enough.

“’I’m sure y’all seen this bullsh** that happened today. F*** what they talking about!. I’ve been holding myself, trying to be strong, and not say the wrong things because I already know how they get down. I’m 61 years old. I’ve seen it, I’ve smelled it, I’ve heard it. Now you see exactly what these motherf***ers think about us. They murdered my mother f***ing son with his seat belt on. So what does that say to you?”

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Valerie Castile painfully detests the nation’s corrupt systematic protection of law enforcement officials while the courts neglect the sanctity of black lives in America.


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