One half of the dynamic rapping duo Mobb Deep, Prodigy, has died at just 42 years old.

It was a known fact that the rapper had sickle cell, and has reportedly passed due to complications while hospitalized.

On Tuesday (June 21) his publicist released the following statement: “It is with extreme sadness and disbelief that we confirm the death of our dear friend Albert Johnson, better known to millions of fans as Prodigy of legendary NY rap duo Mobb Deep,”.

Prodigy as a solo artist and a member of Mobb Deep was hands down one of the most iconic figures in hip-hop history. Many may also know of his rap feuds with artists such as Nas, Jay-Z and Tupac. Most Pac took a jab at the fact that Prodigy had sickle cell on Bad Boy diss track “Hit Em Up.”

According to his publicist, Prodigy was rushed to the hospital in Las Vegas after a Mobb Deep performance, where he was said to be having difficulties due to his sickle cell anemia. The hip-hop legend will truly be missed. Watch a video of his last performance above.

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