Grandpa Ball, as he was referred to by TMZ, has shared some knowledge on his family relations. Discussing everything from his son’s management, chatty habits, and his grandson’s skills, a new layer of the Ball family has come to light.

LaVar Ball was proven right when the Lakers drafted his son, Lonzo Ball, to their team during the NBA Draft on June 22. This means that his predictions will likely not stop anytime soon. According to Grandpa Ball, his son LaVar has the right “independent” mindset and is doing a great job with his family.

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When the Grandfather was asked if the bravado of his son comes from him, he replied, “Yes it does” and followed that up by saying “I’ll let [LaVar] handle all his affairs, and his sons, they can handle all their affairs. They’re good, and God blessed them, so we all good to go.”

The claims of LaVar about the Laker’s making the playoffs were only corroborated with a “we’ll see” from Grandpa, but the support is still fully there with his family. He spoke of his nickname for his son LaVar saying, “I keep calling him Bravo because he was always independent.”

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Things will only get more intense for the Ball family from here on out as Lonzo will debut in the NBA in his hometown playing for the Lakers. That means fans can expect a lot more Ball coverage as the Lakers next season comes around.

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