Protests over the death of a 25-year-old man at the hands of police officers turned violent and have left six London police officers injured and four in the hospital. The protests began Sunday, June 25, and started off peaceful before protestors began throwing objects, such as bricks, and began clashing with police.

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Edir Frederico Da Costa was reportedly beaten during a traffic stop and sustained a broken neck and head injuries, which he died from six days later, June 21, in a hospital. The investigation being led by the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) and has reportedly done a preliminary postmortem that has shown no signs of spinal injuries caused by police.

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Protestors had “Black Lives Matter” signs as well as signs that read “Justice for Edson + How Many More???” Heated remarks also rang throughout the crowd as the police Borough Commander Superintendent Ian Lardner tried addressing them. People in the crowd yelled out, “you have told us what you can’t do, now tell us what you can do” and “you are protecting them,” towards the Superintendent, he responded with remarks like, “I am here because l care deeply about what is going on.” In regards to the officers who were involved in Edson’s death, he said, “I am pretty sure they have not been suspended but removed from operational duties.”

The protest continued into the night and involved fires being set to garbage bins, angry chants, and motorcycles being heavily revved and blowing smoke towards the police.

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Source: Telegraph

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