Valerie Castile, has reached a settlement in the federal wrongful death lawsuit regarding the Minnesota police officer Jeronimo Yanez who shot and killed her son Philando Castile. The settlement amount was agreed for $2.995 million to be paid to her as the family’s trustee.

Philando Castile’s tragic death was captured live by his girlfriend while his daughter was in the backseat of the car. The dash cam footage has recently been made public and has added to the anger over this horrible incident.

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The lawyer’s of the Castile family said the settlement will prevent the lawsuit from becoming a long and stretched out court case that would inevitably “reopen terrible wounds.”

The attorneys, Robert Bennet and Glenda Hatchett said in a joint statement, “No amount of money could ever replace Philando… With a resolution of the claims, the family will continue to deal with their loss through the important work of the Philando Castile Relief Foundation.”

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The acquittal of Jeronimo Yanez sent shockwaves throughout the country and sparked national outrage and massive protests. Along with the extreme heartbreak for the family, there is now a brief moment of hope to help change the current state of the world.

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The League of Minnesota Cities Insurance Trust will pay the settlement as part of their insurance for the St Anthony police department, and none of the settlement will be paid with tax dollars.

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Source: AP News

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