Facebook has begun training their censoring staff to protect “white men”, and not black children or Muslims, from being the targets of “hate” on their website.

A new investigative report by ProPublica has shown internal documents revealing that “white people” are considered as a “protected category” that would allow for removal of content considered as “hate speech” towards them.

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This allows for incidents like the following.

A white man can incite violence against Muslims, like this:

But a black woman can’t suggest white people are racist, like this:


Meanwhile Facebook still allows constant violent rhetoric from white supremacist groups that go unchecked, just like the posts of the man who went on a stabbing spree in Portland, Oregon, which are still on their website.

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This hypocrisy is another example of large corporate systematic influence valuing white people’s comfort over the safety of marginalized groups.

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Source: The Root

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