Another shooting continues to intensify the debate on race relations in the United States except for this one, has a different spin than some of the others of the past. In St.Louis two police officers were attempting to stop a stolen car when they were shot at by the criminals at large. An off-duty black police officer who lived in the area decided to go outside and help when he arrived on the scene, he was told to get on the ground. Once he was recognized by the officers on the scene, they told him to get up and walk to them. That’s when another white officer who just arrived at the scene didn’t recognize him and “feared” for his life which resulted in him shooting the off-duty officer in the arm. Luckily that officer survived.

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The dangerous description of “fearing for his life” isn’t stated in the police report. This does not help the race relations or the arguments of people who try to argue people who don’t obey police get shot. What can they say in this case? Jamilah Nasheed a state senator made a valid point in an interview Monday:

“What is really disheartening, especially for the African-American community, is that we are still trying to recover from the police-involved shootings,” she said. “And now to see the police officers shooting their own men in blue by way of what they call ‘friendly fire’? It is telling that white men in blue suits are afraid of black men.

“The discussion is going to have to be had about sensitivity training across the board,” she added. “If you are going to interact with African-Americans, the first thing that you should not be afraid of is the African-American.”

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Source: NY Times

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