Jay-Z’s 4:44 seemed to have ruffled a few feathers after its release on June 30. From addressing economic growth to infidelity, Jay-Z left no stone unturned with his witty wordplay and pop culture references.

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But not everyone was happy with their names being on a Jigga track, Eric Benét was the first to respond after his name was dropped in “Kill Jay Z.” In the song, Hov raps about coming close to losing Beyonce due to infidelity:

“You almost went Eric Benét / Let the baddest girl in the world get away / I don’t even know what else to say / Nigga, never go Eric Benét”

Three hours after the album’s release, Benét took to Twitter to respond to Jay-Z:

“Hey yo #Jayz! Just so ya know, I got the baddest girl in the world as my wife….like right now!”

Following his public divorce from Halle Berry due to “sex addicion,” Benét married Manuela Testolini in 2011. Following Benét, Al Sharpton was the next to respond. One of the most talked about tracks on the album is “Family Feud.” Jay dicussed Sharpton’s selfie game which has been on 100 the last two weeks:

“Y’all think small, I think Biggie/ Y’all whole pass is in danger, ten Mississippi/ Al Sharpton in the mirror takin’ selfies/ How is him or Pill Cosby s’posed to help me?”

While attending the Essence Music Festival in New Orleans over the weekend, Sharpton took to Twitter with a new photo featuring Bryshere Gray:

“Tell Jay Z we still taking selfies…but I’m taking care of business down here too!”

Lastly, and probably the most serious of the bunch, The Source‘s current owner, and Prince’s lawyer until his death, Londell McMillan. The curious case of Prince and his masters as in relation to exclusive streaming on Tidal has been one up for legal discussion since The Purple One passed in April of 2016. Jay called out McMillan and Prince’s current estate on “Caught Their Eyes”:

I sat down with Prince, eye to eye / He told me his wishes before he died./ Now, Londell McMillan, he must be color blind. They only see green from them purple eyes.”

A few bars later he adds:

“This guy had ‘Slave’ on his face / You think he wanted the masters with his masters? / You greedy bastards / Sold tickets to walk through his house / I’m surprised you ain’t auction off the casket.”

McMillan originally played it cool with his reaction by saying:

Yes, I heard the track! Not focusing on a diss track now. Focused on not letting WBR control masters. I do like the beat. #Emancipation2

A couple of day’s later, McMillan went on a full rant about the ongoing fight over Prince’s masters.

See the full rant below.

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