In what has been very sad news as a Bronx native, an ex-physician looking for revenge went on a rampage in Bronx-Lebanon Hospital. The shooter was a 45-year-old Henry Bello, who last worked at the hospital in 2015. He was forced to resign after accusations of sexual harassment. Hospital higher-ups say they fired him because he was crazy.  This was not before he made a chilling renouncement to come and kill them. It was also reported Bello was looking for one specific doctor who got into the residency program over him.
He told them:

“He said to him, ‘Trust me, you will not graduate from residency. I will kill you before that.’

Bello came into the hospital around 2:45 p.m. on Friday hiding an AR-15 in his lab cloak. He started his rampage on the 16th floor. As people barricaded themselves in rooms and run and hide, Bello managed to shoot 7 people, killing 1 doctor before ultimately taking his own life. Police found his body sprawled on the floor near a female victim.

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Source: NY Times

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