After completing your academic requirements for high school you normally earn your diploma, but now Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel plans to add a new requirement that is unusual and causing mixed feelings.

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Chicago high school students will only receive their diploma if they have a “plan” after graduating. Before graduating, students must either secure a job or received a letter of acceptance to college, a trade apprenticeship, a gap year program or the military.

“We are going to help kids have a plan because they’re going to need it to succeed. You cannot have kids think that 12th grade is done.”

The new rule has brought on mix reactions, some believe that the plan is positive to helps kids go into the right path, while others feel as if this will encourage kids to drop out of they do not have the job prior to graduation.

Chicago is one of the largest school districts in the country and has severe school budgeting issues. This new requirement may be difficult to pull off long term but for now its a must for all seniors.

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