Victor Sheppard, a black New York City delivery man who works for a meat distributing company named Mosner Family Brands was given an alarming gift at one store. At Ottomanelli & Sons Meat Market the owner, Joe Ottomanelli, gave him a noose as a gift and said “If you ever have any stress, just put it around your neck and pull it. I could even help you with it.” Sheppard shocked said he started to shake as the owner just laughed.

Sheppard was so traumatized by the incident he couldn’t return to work. Especially after Mosner Family Brands continued to do business with the Ottomanelli’s. Sheppard said they were supportive and understood the situation, but he felt they didn’t truly care about him as he could’ve been hurt. Sheppard’s boss Michael Mosner said in their defense they did everything they could. He claims Sheppard didn’t show up for shifts and he could’ve applied for disability leave or free counseling which he denied both. They also said they would’ve switched his route.

Joe Ottomanelli is currently facing hate crime charges. His lawyer maintains this was just a joke and Sheppard is only suing because that’s easier than working. Although Sheppard has not yet filed a lawsuit against Ottomanelli & Sons.

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Source: The Root


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