Lonzo Ball’s first two games as a Laker have received heavy focus from NBA fans and critics around the world. Despite the games being summer-league events, everyone wants to see how Ball will perform as a Laker.

ESPN and Deadspin were quick to deem Lonzo’s first game as “nightmarish” despite the lack of significance the game had. Ball made some nice passes, including an alley-oop to 2016’s no. two draft pick, Brandon Ingram, which set the crowd off. But shooting one for 11 from the three had people worried. His father, LaVar Ball, referred to it as his son’s “worst” performance.

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His second game showed improvements as he recorded a triple-double with 11 points, 11 rebounds, and 11 assists. However, the Lakers still lost the game to the Celtics 86-81.

LaVar Ball addressed the media saying,  “There’s always going to be progress on each game, he’s going to keep going up… You [media] guys will look at it now, and say, ‘Wow, he had a triple-double.’ That don’t mean nothing to me. You’ve got to win. It don’t mean nothin’. Wins only matter. Point guards ain’t judged on stats, they’re judged on victory.”

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Lonzo said, “I definitely felt better, better game… But we didn’t get the win so that’s all I really care about… My shot is off. Everybody knows I’m going to keep shooting. My confidence is there I’ve just got to hit them. … All [my] teammates are great. They keep telling me keep shooting, keep my head up, keep leading.”

The events sold out faster than any previous year drawing over 17,500 fans to the summer-league games in Las Vegas.

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