Less than 24 hours after it was painted a Queens, New York mural of late rapper Prodigy was vandalized. Frequent Mobb Deep collaborate Cormega posted an image of the vandalized mural with the caption “This is some sucker sh*t.”

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But happily enough, rapper Cormega would pop back on the gram with an artist fixing the mural with the caption: “Return of The Mac. Mural being fixed.” ‘Mega would speak to The Daily News on the situation saying:

“I was in a great mood and then I seen that thing,” he said. “But the beautiful thing is that it’s being fixed. I definitely want to see it restored. I want to stand in front of it and reflect just like everybody else.”

“Prodigy is one of the pillars of Queensbridge hip-hop,” said Cormega. “So I thought it was a tremendous and well-deserved honor when they did that mural.”

Right now it’s unclear who or why vandalized it, but we’re glad this ultimate disrespect didn’t last for long.

This is some sucker shit.

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Return of The Mac. Mural being fixed

A post shared by Cormega (@iamcormega) on

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