Dejuan Guillory was shot multiple times in the back and killed, while he was laying on the ground, by a Louisiana police officer during a traffic stop, his girlfriend who was the only other witness was charged with attempted murder of a police officer, she has now been granted bail at $75,000 and released, Tuesday, July 11. Dequince Brown was with her boyfriend on an ATV (four wheeler) ride along a gravel road in Mamou, Louisiana, when they passed an officer in his vehicle and he asked them for their ID. It quickly became a nightmare for Brown.

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The officer, Deputy Paul Holden Lafleur, reportedly got into a fist-fight with Guillory after he and Brown did not produce their IDs. After the brief altercation, Lafleur drew his weapon and Guillory and Brown immediately laid down on their stomachs with their hands ready to be handcuffed. It was at this time Lafleur shot Guillory in the back and Brown jumped on Lafleur to try and prevent him from killing her boyfriend. She allegedly bit the officer but he still fired three more shots into Guillory’s back, inevitably killing him.

The statement made by the Louisiana State Police claim: Lafleur was knocked “possibly unconscious” during the altercation; Lafleur shot Guillory during a struggle, and that Brown reached for Lafleur’s gun. They also claim that Lafleur was attempting to handcuff them and Brown then said, “We’re going to kill him” and jumped on Lafleur and bit him.

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Guillory has been characterized as a loving father and kind human being by his loved ones, while the police are painting a different image, citing that he had a criminal record in the past, including that he shot at police officers and stole an ATM in 2015.

There are still a lot of details, including police vehicle camera footage, to develop this horrific story further. Only one thing is clear at the moment and it’s that a traffic stop lead to Dajuan Guillory’s death.

As The Root reported, with over 11,000 people killed by police officers in the last 10 years, only five white police officers have been tried and convicted for killing a black person.

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Source: The Root

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