The #MayMacWorldTour stopped by in Toronto yesterday, July 12, for an expletive filled evening of hype and trash talk, building anticipation for the monumental fight that will go down August 26 in Las Vegas. It was a humid and sporadic rain filled day, with lots of fans seemingly unbothered by the weather, and simply focused on seeing this historic event.

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The festivities began with an opening performance by the latest OVO-signee Baka Not Nice, who performed his latest single “Live Up To My Name.” The crowd was clearly not that familiar with Baka’s track, and most in attendance were just definitely eager to see McGregor.

After Baka’s performance, the OVO head honcho, Drizzy Drake himself, came out to address his hometown crowd. Saying that he was at the event just like everyone else, “to witness history,” and received enormous applause as he showed love to Toronto.

Finally, it was time, McGregor entered the arena from the right side of the stage, and the thunderous cheering from all the fans of the Irish icon poured in. Shortly after Conor got on stage, “I Get Money” by 50 Cent began playing, and the “boo’s” began to ring in as Mayweather made his way to the stage from the left side of the arena.

They had a brief face off at the start, and then the two had formal introductions from their managers/promoters, and then, the war of the words was on.

Conor set off a fiery rant, filled with all sorts of swearing and smack talk, that was on par with any standup comedian doing a roast, or even a performer in a rap battle. Conor’s disses for Floyd were scathing and ruthless. McGregor was rolling through the proverbial jabs, targeting Mayweather’s clothes and fighting style, but then he got even more vicious by targeting Mayweather’s money issues, literacy, and his strip clubs (even referencing Rob Kardashian). It was hilarious. Conor even referenced Drake’s “Started From The Bottom” and playing to the Toronto crowd worked well for him.

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Shortly after Conor’s epic mic performance, which rivaled top WWE performers, Floyd got on the mic and played the best heel possible. Relying on his win record, he boasted heavily about Conor not knowing what he’s doing in boxing and focused on Conor’s losses by mimicking the “tap out” hand gesture. Floyd’s rant peaked when he grabbed an Irish flag from the crowd and draped it around his shoulders, setting the crowd off again tremendously. Conor grabbed Floyd’s backpack, and they had a comically western stand-off.

The spectacle abruptly ended shortly afterward, but it was clear the fans left the free event satisfied with what they had witnessed.

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