Tatyana Hargrove, 19, rode her bike to try to buy her dad a Father’s Day gift but would soon experience an encounter with police that she’d never forget. Waking up with hopes of celebrating her father, ending the day telling her story of being punched in the face by the  Bakersfield, California police while minding her business.

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“She appeared to be a male and matched the description of the suspect that had brandished the machete and was also within the same complex the suspect had fled to,” Christopher Moore, the arresting officer, wrote in his report.

Apparently, that was one of the officers excuse for approaching and physically harming the 19-year-old girl who reportedly stands 5-foot-2 and weighs 115 pounds “soaking wet,” according to her father. Hargrove does not match the officer’s description at all, besides the fact that she is black.

According to Hargrove, police drew their guns and released their K-9 when detaining her which caused injuries to her leg. She described the dog’s actions as “eating” her leg. She then recalls her dialogue with the officers during the attack.

“I told him ‘I can’t breathe, I can’t breathe’ and then I started yelling out, ‘Somebody help me, somebody help me! They’re gonna kill me!’” she said. “And then finally, he let me up, he tied my hands behind my back and then he tied my feet together and he threw me in the back of the car.”

After she was treated for her injuries, Hargrove was booked into jail, the report said. She was detained for nearly 16 hours there before being bailed out by her parents.

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Source: The Washington Post

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