One of Miami’s most famous Hip-Hop groups, 2 Live Crew has lost a founding member. Fresh Kid Ice, also known as Chris Wong Won was pronounced dead at a Miami Hospital on Thursday. He was 53. TMZ put their career in perspective saying:

Fresh Kid formed the legendary hip-hop crew with DJ Mr. Mixx, and Amazing Vee in 1984, and hooked up with Luther Campbell later when they signed with his record label.

According to the group’s manager, he died at 7:50 AM Thursday in a Miami hospital … due to a medical condition.

Fresh Kid’s real name was Chris Wong… and he and the group became poster children for First Amendment Rights after their As Nasty As They Wanna Be album was the first to be labeled legally obscene by the government.

He and Campbell were arrested in 1990 after a live performance police deemed obscene and lewd
Rest in Peace.

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Source: LoveBScott

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