In an investigation done behind a 2014 incident in Chicago, where a Sgt. George Granias assaulted a woman after she was already cuffed, it was found that Granias owned several racist website domain names. Her attorney trying to defend her on the claims that the attacks were racially motivated dug this up and this to say about it:

“She was beat up at the police station by a Chicago police sergeant because she was a vocal black woman,” says Brendan Shiller, Johnson’s attorney.

But on top of that, attorneys uncovered domain names bought by Granias that begin with the N-word – for example, “n**,” “niggerific,” Niggauns,” in addition to sites like “,” “,” and in a not so subtle dis to Illinois’ former governor, “”

“His hobby is apparently buying names of racist websites,” the attorney says.

Her case was ultimately settled for $185,000 dollars, but it is sad to see that not only is the officer not fired, he is still a full-time officer while further investigation continues.

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Source: The Root

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