After having one of the biggest releases of the year with DAMN., Kendrick Lamar has just started to go on tour. But before that, Interview Magazine got him to sit down and have an interview. But not just any interview, he was asked great questions from legendary comedian Dave Chappelle.

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Dave asks Kendrick questions ranging from his thought processes, his trip to Africa, and how he develops new material. One standout moment is Dave telling Kendrick how Mos Def put him on to Kendrick’s music and he offers high praise:

CHAPPELLE: From the outside looking in, you’re doing beautifully, man. Your work is great, and you seem grounded and centered and focused. When I was your age, I used to fuck up all the time. [laughs] Hopefully, I can catch one of your shows on the road. I’ve heard nothing but good things. As a matter of fact, the first time I heard about you was through Mos, who told me years ago, “You’ve got to watch this kid.”

LAMAR: Mos gave me a lot of game early on. A lot of game.

CHAPPELLE: He said to me that you’re the one. Turns out he was right.

Catch the rest of the interview here.

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