Swizz Beatz recently used his mic time during the Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor press tour stop in Brooklyn, to challenge Timbaland to a beat battle, and Timb has officially accepted.

“Everyone out there tell Timbaland we can have a battle, we can do whatever he want to do,” Swizz announced

The two took to Instagram to warm up for the anticipated exchange. “This is the warm up,” says Timbaland posting the first of three videos containing an banging instrumental. Swizz then takes to respond, and the two go back and forth over the courses of a couple hours. Take a look at the exchange below.

@therealswizzz you #withthesmoke 💨

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West coast late night response @therealswizzz 🧀 #latenight @_erikamichelle with the shoulder moves..

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@therealswizzz 🧀 I'm putting you to sleep to this one… #goodnight 😴 #imwiththesmoke

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