After Kanye’s viral outbursts about Jay-Z and Beyonce during his last tour, his close relationship with the Carters was in question. Until recently Jay-Z aimed some shots back at Kanye on 4:44. Still, the relationship was unknown. Seeking to dive into the long history of that relationship and the rise of their empires, UK’s Channel 4 plans to release a documentary set to release July 31 called “Public Enemies: Jay-Z v Kanye.”

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The hour-long documentary is described as a “tale of creativity versus commerce, inner-city deprivation versus suburban aspiration, of right versus left. And it reveals an even bigger story of how race, wealth, and celebrity are shaping modern America.” It’s set to feature unseen footage, home videos, and exclusive interviews from their closest friends. The director of the film, Nico Wasserman adds that “In the process of building their empires, JAY-Z and Kanye have provided a spine-tingling soundtrack for a generation. Their story goes beyond their music and has opened up discussions on everything from class barriers to mental health.”

This supposed “beef” seems to go very deep. This documentary looks like it will provide a deeper analysis of it. This sounds interesting, to say the least. Let’s see what happens July 31 when this airs.

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Source: Vibe

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