As his first act of being the first African-American municipal judge in Clarksdale, Mississippi, Carlos Moore ordered the removal of the state flag with its Confederate emblem. On his facebook, he put “It was such a great feeling to see the police officer drag the despicable flag from the courtroom during open court, Great First Day!”

Moore then continued on to say:

“That flag does not stand for justice,” “With that Confederate emblem it signifies that the state supports the sordid history of enslaving African-Americans as well as killing them and raping them. The flag is now down on all of the eight public universities, it’s continuing to come down day by day, and one day my daughter will see a state where the flag no longer flies on any government property.

He attempted to file a federal law suit to stop the state from flying the flag, but he was rejected by a federal judge. He also filed a lawsuit to sue state Rep. Karl Oliver (R-Winona) who called for elected officials to be “lynched” for removing Confederate flags and monuments from public display.

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