A new video released from what was supposed to be a typical drug bust on January 24th has been shown to be in fact, a Baltimore PD officer planting drugs. This comes out amidst the city’s record-setting violent crime rate.

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The video shows the officer placing a plastic bag of the drugs into a can of food, before going back to his fellow officers. After that, you can see him turning on the camera and go back to the scene and act like he discovered the drugs. What caught him was the fact that the body cameras record 30 seconds without sound before the camera is activated in order to capture crucial video before the recording. You can hear the other officers take note when they say “Is that 30?” in the background.

After this video was released Baltimore PD Commissioner Kevin Davis has said:

[The video is] a serious allegation of police misconduct,” saying, “Our investigation will ultimately determine what happened, it will identify if any criminal misconduct took place, any administrative procedures were violated, and we’re determined to get to the bottom of it.”

The investigation is ongoing and one officer has been suspended, while the other two are on administrative duty. In a statement made by Debbie Katz Levi, who leads the public defender’s Special Litigation Section, she says:

“Officer misconduct has been a pervasive issue at the Baltimore Police Department, which is exacerbated by the lack of accountability. We have long supported the use of police body cameras to help identify police misconduct, but such footage is meaningless if prosecutors continue to rely on these officers, especially if they do so without disclosing their bad acts.”

Let’s hope some justice comes from this.

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Source: CNN


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