We know we can on our girl Issa to let us know what it is and according to her, Hollywood will become more diverse once “racist old executives die.” Sorry not  sorry.

Writer, actress and Insecure co-creator is Complex’s new cover star and during her interview with Nadeska Alexis, she spoke on the issues of race in the entertainment industry. When Issa was asked about the comment she made about old executives dying off, she didn’t hold back,

“I’m happy to report that we’re making progress. People are dying. Roger Ailes just died. He needed to go. it’s great. As time goes on… unfortunately we won’t be able to take advantage of it like the younger generation, but it’s happening and I feel like there are people in positions of power who wouldn’t have had an opportunity in the past that have opportunities now and who have, a firm vision and are intent on hiring the people who haven’t been hired in the past. I’m very optimistic on that. People die every day, so it’s great.”

While some people (who know they wrong) might find issue with what Issa said, there is no doubt that racial issues in Hollywood are and have been prevalent since the very beginning. While progress has been made, it isn’t enough.

Shoutout to Issa, you the realest.

Source: Complex

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