On August 18th Fresno, CA rapper Fashawn will be releasing his new project, Manna. In a new video “Mother Amerikkka”  he strolls through the poverty ridden streets of America opening a panning scene with Minister Louis Farrakhan’s voice in the background.

You’re dealing with a criminal government here! These are criminals in power. And it didn’t start with Bush! Thinking that you making progress? Where the hell is the progress for the masses of your people that is going backwards?!

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For those of you who don’t know the behind story of his title. Manna is the (in biblical terms) edible substance that Israelites had taken into themselves as they traveled the deserts in the search of the promised land.  In reference to Fashawn’s use of it, he is giving food for thought towards his listeners that they too would be fed great music while on his journey of self-perseverance in the midst of negativity.

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