Young M.A is one of the latest to speak out about the trend of “mumble rap” in hip-hop. She believes the game is too outweighed by the “Lil Yachtys and Lil Uzis” right now, and that lyricism has been left behind. The “Ooouuu” rapper explained her distaste in a recent interview with MONTREALITY.

“There’s definitely a lot of the other stuff going on right now… It’s definitely not a balance, it’s definitely one [side] higher than the other… I can’t never knock nobody, but the Lil Yachtys and Lil Uzis are definitely outweighing the game right now.”

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Young M.A. is the latest in a long line of MC’s to share dissatisfaction with the current state of hip-hop, from Joe Budden to RZA, and even HOV on his latest release 4:44, it’s clear many rappers want the game to go back to focusing on content.

It’s worth pointing out that Lil Yachty and Lil Uzi Vert have received too much of this criticism as they’re almost perceived as ambassadors for mumble rap when that isn’t necessarily true. Yachty has responded to the criticism by saying, “I don’t see where I be mumbling… I’m not saying I really be ‘spitting,’ but I feel like I open up my mouth. Or I be harmonizing or singing… I’m not tripping. As long as I continue to prosper, I’ll take mumbling to the top.”

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Whether Yachty and Uzi represent mumble rap or not, the fact will remain – hip-hop has always been competitive within the genre itself – and mumble rappers will have to defend their skill sets, whether they want to or not.

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