The Venezuelan government is going through changes. Bigger changes than what Americans are experiencing with Donald Trump in the White House.

Venezuelan President, Nicolás Maduro thanked “the brave people of Venezuela” for being a part of the most controversial elections for a new Constituent Assembly that will have the power to rewrite his country’s constitution.

“We have a Constituent Assembly. I said, come hell or high water– and hell and high water came — and the Constituent Assembly arrived from the hand of the people, from its conscience,” Maduro said, claiming victory.

The citizens opposed to the election boycotted the event and claims the process was a sham. They do not believe the outcome is a reflection of what the people want, but a result of government controlling the election process.

The United States weighed in on the election, with the State Department on Sunday stating elections were “designed to replace the legitimately elected National Assembly and undermine the Venezuelan people’s right to self-determination.”

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About The Author Savon Slater

Savon Slater is a multimedia journalist based in New York. He has published work for and True Urban Culture magazine. He also is the host of the 'Need to Know' podcast on iTunes.

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