The National Institutes of Health will not renew their deal with the NFL to conduct brain research related to the growing concern over NFL player’s head injury. The NIH has reported that the NFL still has not delivered $18 million of their $30 million deal with the NIH.

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ESPN reported the NIH stating, “The NFL’s agreement with [the funding arm of the NIH] ends Aug. 31, 2017, and there are no current research plans for the funds remaining from the original $30 million NFL commitment… NIH is currently funding concussion research directly.”

This announcement directly follows a large research study which showed chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) in all 111 deceased NFL players studied, except one.

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ESPN also reported that the NFL was trying to influence the research in their favor, specifically related to a “bitter dispute in 2015 in which the NFL backed out of a major study that had been awarded to a researcher who had been critical of the league.”

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