Jarrett Adams was arrested and falsely accused of sexual assault when he was 17 and sentenced to 28 years in jail in 2000. He maintained his innocence even though his court-appointed lawyer told him not to put up a defense even though he had a witness that verified his story.

On “NBC Nightly News,” Adams said even though he was locked up he never gave up his fight to maintain his innocence. He spent a lot of time studying in the prison’s law library. He says “Although I received my diploma from Loyola Law School in Chicago, I started law school in the Green Bay correctional facility,” After some time passed a letter he wrote caught the eye of the Wisconsin Innocence Project, a program that seeks to exonerate the innocent and reform the criminal justice system. While the co-founder of the program Keith Findley took his case, he said Adams knew the law as well as anyone and was well prepared for his defense.

In 2007 Adams was exonerated. He went to go to college, graduate law school and start clerkship at the same court that threw out his conviction. In 2016 New York’s Innocence Project hired him. He recently went back to Wisconsin and represented Richard Beranek, a man who spent time in prison with Jarrett. He describes the feeling of what he does as:

“Nothing pays me back more or my family more than me walking in the same court in the same state where they didn’t even look at me when they gave me 28 years, but now they have to acknowledge me as attorney Adams.”

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Source: Huffington Post

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