39-year-old Rashaun A. Barnes was standing in front of a corner store minding his business July 31 when he was all of a sudden detained without cause by a Grand Prarie, Texas police officer. He complied regardless and was made to sit in the sweltering Texas heat for half an hour. Once that time passed and he was given no reason of why he was being detained, he decided he would walk away.

Barnes claims the officer followed him and tasered him until he knocked out. When he woke up again he was in the back of an ambulance with severe scarring across his face and both of his arms. Civil rights attorney Lee Merritt will represent Barnes and he says the policy was violated by the police not filing an incident report.

“This is a clear case of racial profiling and excessive force,” “The officer responsible must be immediately suspended and appropriately prosecuted. A full investigation into the incident must be conducted to determine what role other officers may have played in a cover up and/or violating departmental procedures concerning reporting the incident.”

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Meritt also blames Trump for suggesting police get “rough” with their suspects in a speech to some police just recently. Meritt says:

“Although technically immune from liability, President Trump is guilty of criminal incitement in his speech encouraging police brutality,”  “Black Lives Matter and pro-police reform activists have been sued in at least two federal lawsuits alleging their rhetoric caused violence against law enforcement. The president of the US should be held at least equally culpable.”

We hope if Rashaun Barnes is right that justice is served.

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Source: The Root

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